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I have been reading quite a lot lately, catching up on Merry Smutmas…

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I have been reading quite a lot lately, catching up on Merry Smutmas and painless_j's recs. I'm posting the list of fics I have enjoyed most, for future reference. Quite a few new authors have emerged lately, I can't believe I have never read anything by RaeWit or gingertart50 before!

  • Echoes, by gingertart50

    Everyone has been given perfume for Christmas, odd things happen as a result and Harry finds himself juggling match-making children, senile household appliances and two very fraught relationships.
    Amazing take at post-DH Harry and Snape. And Albus Severus rocks my socks!

  • To Cause A Hundred Veils to Fall, by reddwarfer

    Harry wishes for so many things.
    How to make a Snarry DH compliant, fitting even into the timeline? Very interesting take, and emotionally beautiful!

  • Being Snape, by gingertart50

    When Harry Polyjuices into Snape, he finds out more about the Potions master than he ever dreamed.

    Post-DH. Very intense, wonderfully written and througoutly believable. The ending is heart-wrenching and yet gives one so much hope. A must!

  • Himself His Own Dungeon, by Beth H

    Snape isn't quite as dead as everyone thinks. Neither is Voldemort.

    Interesting but unsettling. And I'm not sure about the way Ginny is portrayed in post-DH fics, this one being one of the nasty ones.

  • No Place At All, by Acid

    Written with Acid (ac1d6urn), in response to Snakeling's prompt "I'd like it if Snape had long-term consequences to his health from his run-in with Nagini". Part of the 2007 fic and art fest in the InsaneJournal community Snarry_Holidays.

    Post-DH. Snape joins the circus, Harry leaves the Wizarding World. Amazing atmosphere, one get utterly immersed in the reality so alternate and yet absolutely convincing. Wonderful read.

  • In Medias Res, by reddwarfer

    Harry learns that to reconstruct he must deconstruct. He could have never predicted that the process would include Jean Paul Sartre, Snape naked, and Hell on Earth.
    Interesting and well written, adventure for body and mind:-)

  • Occam's Razor, by joanwilder (RaeWit)

    Two years after the end of the war, only desperation could make Harry seek out the help of a one-time enemy.

    After this and Sansa's fic I'm certainly starting to develop a portrait! Snape kink. This is a very long, wonderfully written and heart-wrenching fic with amazing portrayal of Snape, Harry and Draco. Stories like this one make me, a faithful believer in a Church of Snarry, want to go & find some good Harry/Draco. But, hey, Snape/Harry growing relationship is the real thing here:-)

  • Disenchanted by Cluegirl

    Snape rescues Harry from Dursleys. Cat! Harry learns to trust Snape, romance ensues. Well written and hot:-)

  • Throwaways, by Raewhit

    Disposable and dispensable…one a villain, one a hero. Severus and Harry share more than they ever would've imagined.

    It is a very touching story putting emphasis on the development of relationship and finding emotional likeness. Very good.

  • On Sure Foundation, by Chazpure

    Pairings: Godric/Salazar, Severus/Harry, Albus Severus/Scorpius In Albus Severus Potter's Seventh Year at Hogwarts, he discovered something magical, something scary and exhilarating, something he isn't sure he can tell anyone else about-- oh, and that odd manuscript of Salazar Slytherin's was kind of neat, too...

    I think I rather like the idea of Albus Severus/Scorpius pairing, it has potential to get the best out of Harry, Severus and Draco. Nice read.

  • Reconciling Lily's Eyes, by persepolis130

    Had Harry known bonding with his former professor would lead him to three different countries, a hastily-planned wedding and his pants around his ankles in Snape's sitting room, he wouldn't have quit his day job. Or... maybe he would've...

    As painless_j has said, this is a sort of fic that grows on you. Snape is nasty and portrayed in all his disgusting glory (even though Nym's Snape still rules in this domain), Harry is more than unstable, Ginny's a bitch, Hermione is more than annoying, sex is awkward and ugly. None of the things I usually like - or, rather, all of those things, but so pronounced that they become a caricature. And yet, this fic grows on you. Really, it's annoying but you can't stop reading it. So, go and see for yourself.

  • A Glow of Candlelight by gingertart50

    Is there a reason why Harry dreams of Snape in the glow of candlelight? Harry leaves his tools and his potter's wheel behind to find out.

    Gingertart50 has certainly become one of my favorite writers, right next in the ranks to Aucta Sinistra, Dementor Delta, Jay Tryfanstone, Raewit, Cluegirl, Stella Hobbit, Tira Nog and AbstractConcept. Her fics are gentle and with just the right amount of angst, believable depictions of characters and relationships slowly unfolding being great strengths of her writing. I loved this one, another fic about Harry being haunted by memories of Snape, expressing his feelings through art (which sounds quite awful but really, there's been too many good fics playing with this idea) and finding a way to grant his greatest wish. Beautiful.
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